Senior workers have long known that the chair they sit on plays a key role in the type of atmosphere they want to infuse. They know that when negotiating with clients, or while talking to employees, the initial impression is determined by none other than the executive chair.
An executive chair is large, takes up a lot of space in the room, and is almost impossible to ignore.
For this reason, many executives will prefer to choose a massive executive chair, made of leather, in dark and impressive colors.

What to consider when buying an executive chair?

First of all, let us not forget that although the image is important, but the chair is going to accompany us for long hours a day, so it should be comfortable. Comfort is one of the most important elements in buying office chairs, and furniture in general.
While it is not easy to choose an executive chair that will be comfortable, aesthetic, and radiate some authority and control, after a long day in the office, when the rest of our executive members will complain about their aching backs, we will know that the investment is worthwhile.

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The structure of the executive chair must be orthopedic.
An orthopedic executive chair will have an ergonomic backrest for the spine, which will give full support to the lower heart. Many orthopedic chairs are suitable for prolonged sitting even for people who have back problems, thanks to a special back system, built in the area of ​​the chair back.
Swing mechanism – Some chairs have a special swing mechanism, which allows the chair to be locked when tilted back, or in an upright position. Chairs with a swing mechanism will have a strong base, usually incorporating double wheels.
Upholstery – Many executive chairs come with matching upholstery on the handles, and in the head area. This allows maximum relaxation of the shoulders and neck and head area.

Executive chair design ranges from massive executive chairs with longer upholstery, or executive chairs upholstered in fabric.
Leather upholstery – conveys authority, professionalism, managerial image and seriousness. Such an executive chair will certainly leave no room for doubt as to who the “boss” is here.
Fabric – Many people prefer the thought of fabric executive chairs. A fabric chair will convey that comfort is paramount.
The question of design is usually a matter of personal taste, as both types of chairs convey important messages.